Inform Racing

Inform Racing

John Sweet professional sports analyst and author.

Make Money with Maidens

If you study horse racing form, then you should be looking at the maiden races as they are the easiest to win. Why spend hours of work analyzing a difficult handicap where any of the horses could win if they ran to their best ability, when in a maiden race, 90% of the runners will NEVER win a race ever.

I discovered that it is much easier to pick the winner of a maiden race, than the more popular feature races. In this book goes to the reasons why it is easier to win consistently on horses that have never ever won, than it is to back a winner of races where there are numerous real contenders. Nine out of ten horses never win a race. So it is far easier to identify a horse that has potential if you know what you are looking for. Using the system shown in this book, I recently selected six horses for the quartet and they came 1st second third and forth. The quartet paid R18.058


There are also many more maiden races on the card than there are the Feature races and this of course is a huge advantage to players who are following my ideas of this method.

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