Understanding the Watchlist notes

Hey there, folks! Let me break down these terms for you:

  1. “Change in Distance” or “CID” for short – This is when our horse is racing a different distance from its previous races. Maybe it’s been leading at today’s race distance before or perhaps it’s showing signs of stepping up its game if today’s race is longer. Keep an eye on this, it can be quite telling!
  2. SN” and “EH” – These are the initials of two of my superstar team members! They’re masters of their game, using specialized strategies I’ve passed on to them. When you see these names, know that their insights are behind the scenes.
  3. LBH” – This one’s a bit of a secret for now. It’s a super cool technique I’m excited to introduce to you later on in this course. Stay tuned!
  4. SPRINGER” – This refers to the clever strategy we’ve been discussing in this month’s second hack. It’s all about getting the spring in our step and making strategic moves.
  5. 7 Day” – This is our first hack, and it’s all about momentum. If a horse is in top form and has been showing some remarkable performance in the past week, it earns the “7 Day” title. It’s a fantastic way to keep track of those on a hot streak!
  6. DIP” – Drop in prize money. This is important as basically, the horse will be running for lower stakes which indicates slower horses
  7. “DIC”– this indicated a Drop In Class, this often happens when the merit rating is lower than previous races. The trainer will often run their steeds in races where they are outclassed, then with a lower merit rating and usually a lighter weight can win at longer odds
  8. “SLH”Strong Line Horse This indicates that the horse has run well in previous races and that horses that were behind him have come out and won since that race.

Hope this helps clear things up! I’m looking forward to seeing you put these insights into action.

Here are the winners found from July 1st