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About Me

Hi, My name is John Sweet and my first involvement in horse racing was as a teenager when I supported my local bookmaker in the UK to make sure that he did not go out of business. I then became a photographer and luckily for him my studio was next door to his betting office, so he then got all my profits from my studio as well. It so happened that he had a second small bookmakers office on a summer campsite, which he sold to me and then my real involvement in horse racing started and at last.

 Although bookmakers generally make money, I had one client who consistently won money from me. I just could not beat him. He was not getting info from the stables, he was just studying form. Of course I pleaded with him to teach me, but he was no mug and kept his secret until several years later when I sold the business. But before I left, he explained everything to me which I kept secret until I came to South Africa in 1995. What he taught me changed my life. I could make a profit from betting without being a bookie. I discovered that horse racing in South Africa is very similar to that of the UK and I started to use his secret method to find the winners after which I wrote the IRS. Soon after that I started Inform Racing and have been tipping privately for the past 25 years. I was the only tipster who published ALL my results daily, win or lose and I still believe is the only honest way of doing business.

During these 25 years I wrote “How to Make Money Backing Horses”, “How to Structure Your Bets, and “Making Money with Maidens” I then published my selection method and it is still as popular and effective now as it was 20 years ago. It is known as the IRS or the International Rothman System after my client in the UK. When my book How to Structure Your Bets sold out, I developed software to take its place. Now on this site I have easy Genie software for the exotic bets, the PA, Pick Six, Jackpot and the quartet.

Three bookmakers closed my accounts with them and I have now semi retired but still have clients that follow me for my daily tips. All my knowledge gleaned over the past 55 years in backing horses, is available on this site. I have made almost 100 videos freely available on Youtube and I also update my Facebook page frequently, with updates and the occasional free tip. Enjoy my site and contact me if you have any questions