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Tips for Monday: 1 March Greyville

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South African Tips

South African Horse Racing selections are available for purchase daily. 
Monday: Turffontein / Fairview
Tuesday: Kenilworth
Wednesday: Greyville
Thursday: Vaal
Friday: Fairview
Saturday: Kenilworth
Sunday: Greyville

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Huge profit margin every month


To whom it may concern
I'm writing this testimonial on my past 13 years as a punter. I got involve with horse racing because my family owned horses at 3 different stables. I was always amazed at how spot on the trainer was when he said the horse will definitely win, even if the odds was 15-1. Only to find out these info only came out 4 times a year, and i didn't had time to wait so i started doing my own form studying, looking at local tipsters in the news paper. Just to find out I'm way in the minus.

A few years later i bought a Sporting Post and i saw an advertisement of John Sweet tipping service. Those years it was still send by fax and later sms. Long story short i started building a relationship with John Sweet and following him on Youtube. He had a very interesting video showing how you can spot 10-1 horses, he called it The Springer system. I remember when i started using this system alone people in the tote was wondering why they only see me once a week betting only on one horse which is 10-1 and the horse won easily. Later on i bought 2 of John Sweets books "How to win on maidens" and "How to make money backing horses" .

Boy oh boy here is some super secrets that only bookies knows. From false favourites all the way to winning probability in a race. These are all the tools a punter has to know. Three years later i bought the IRS book, now here they took 5000 races and investigate every single win and it was super interesting. Once again this was more facts then just theory.Last but not least 3 months ago i bought John's P6 Genie and this is software that construct your bets where you can add way more horses then the public but also pay less then them. Sounds interesting hey ? I dunno how it works but works, when my original perm is R30,000 the genie will reduce it R15,000. I usually take 5% of that which is R750. The exciting part is when all the favourites win, the system covers that up to where you can have it up till 2000% (20 times) .

It has put me in a huge profit margin every month, to be more specific you can double your money every month or more. Also the nice thing about P6Genie it has 6 legs so if you a BiPot lover you can also benefit from the software. I know i said allot but this is all the truth. If it was not for John Sweet books and systems i would've still looking at public tipsters and loose all the way. Thanks John for sharing these information with us.

I will close with this. My bible says this "my people are suffering, because of a lack of knowledge" here you have an opportunity to learn all John's knowledge and apply it on a daily basis. Its the 1st year where i will be able to pay my rent and car payment a year in advanced. Goodbye and God bless.

Knows the game

Lucky Sithole

Good Analyst! not even at a Level of Tipster =which is lower. knows the game well and can motivate every selection, he can add value on Tellytrack Top Stuff

Thank you very much!


Hi John, I made a nett profit by playing your 2 bankers as well as playing a double with them. I also played a 10% pick six using the 2 bankers and full fields for the first 4 legs. So I am up by almost R2200! The first day paid for my subscription and put me in profit. Thank you very much!