E-Book: Make Money Backing Horses

Physical Book: R570
Digital Download available: R250

Are you passionate about horse racing and eager to turn this enthusiasm into profit? Then let us introduce you to our best-selling e-book, Make Money Backing Horses. It’s the essential companion for anyone aspiring to profit from their love for horse racing, in any corner of the globe.

This book isn’t new to the scene, but its age doesn’t detract from its value. It’s like a seasoned jockey – experienced, reliable, and filled with invaluable wisdom that stands the test of time.

Wondering what secrets lie within? Let’s give you a sneak peek:

Page 29: Get the scoop on how to uncover if a trainer is plotting a coup. Get ahead of the game with insider knowledge.

Page 50: Learn how to discern if a jockey is really gunning for the win. Insight into the person guiding your horse can be as valuable as knowing the horse itself!

Page 54: Discover where to find the best value for your bet. Maximise your profits by placing smart, value-driven bets.

Page 55: Uncover how to avoid false favourites. Keep your hard-earned money away from losing propositions.

Page 57: Find out who the best jockeys are when backing favourites. After all, the right jockey-horse pairing can make all the difference.

Page 60: Master the art of winning huge Pick Sixes. Imagine the thrill of predicting six winners in a row!

Page 67: Learn how to stretch your betting capital further. Efficient betting is profitable betting.

Page 70: Learn about the bets that bookies dread to lay. Let’s make them sweat a little!

Page 71: Uncover the path to making R5000 per month backing horses. Turn your hobby into a profitable venture!

If you’re ready to transform your horse racing enthusiasm into a lucrative endeavor, Make Money Backing Horses is just a click away. Let’s help you pave the way to horse racing betting success! Remember, the key isn’t just about betting; it’s about betting strategically!

Physical Book: R570
Digital Download available: R250

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