If you are serious about learning how to analyse horse racing form, then your first stop for SA racing is Formgrids
This is where trainers, jockeys, their agents and Formgridians spend hours on end in research.
Personally this is my first stop and I have over 100 videos on Youtube taken over the last 16 years.
I suggest that you go to the site and register, there is no charge and watch some of the tutorials I have made so that you can get the most benefit from the huge amount of data available which is updated live daily.

Formgrids Fun Facts

Some interesting stats:
(These stats represent one month's worth of stats from Google Analytics. In this case October 2020)
Number of users: 13531
No. of pages viewed: 1792648
Avg. session duration by users: 15 min
Avg. number of pages per user: 23.96

81 countries around the world use Formgrids. The top 10 countries for October are:

1. South Africa
2. Mauritius
3. Singapore
4. India
5. United States
6. United Kingdom
7. Malaysia
8. Zimbabwe
9. Australia

Wolfgang says:

When David originally approached me in the beginning of 2004, he wanted the concept of "Formlines" be made available to the South African horse racing community. This was something he figured out when he was in the USA. He tried the concept here with South African racing and found it worked here too. I was challenged to write the original web application. I remember the excitement when he saw it work for the first time on my test computer.

Formgrids expanded from those early days to what it is today with many useful tools.