Hack #1

Hey everyone! Welcome to my personal hacks for finding winning selections quickly. Let’s dive into the first one: my 7-day placed runners.

First of all, I suggest that you open an account with Formgrids so that we can build your database. It is a free service with the most advanced horse racing form in South Africa.


This hack revolves around the trainer’s expectations. The idea is to focus on horses that have been placed in a race within the past seven days.

By considering these recent performers, we tap into the trainer’s confidence and the horse’s form. It’s a clever way to uncover selections with a high chance of success.

Imagine our skilled trainer standing proudly in his yard, delighted by the remarkable progress he has achieved with his horse. With great anticipation for a glorious victory, he meticulously scrutinizes the racing calendar, searching for the perfect race that aligns flawlessly with the horse’s abilities, distance requirements, and weights.

Yet, being the astute trainer that he is, he employs a shrewd training technique. As a precautionary measure, in case unforeseen circumstances impede their success in the first race, he strategically schedules a second race within a week’s time. This technique allows him to fine-tune the horse’s training based on the learnings from the initial race and harness its peak performance for a triumphant win in the subsequent race.

This well-thought-out approach often yields impressive results, with the horse either emerging victorious or securing a prominent placement. It’s a technique that requires keen observation and adaptability, allowing the trainer to make precise adjustments based on real-time race experience.

This gem of a strategy often eludes the attention of the general public, particularly those who rely on form books like the Computaform, which may not provide the timely updates necessary to fully appreciate this training approach.

Let’s delve into a recent example from this week: Enter SAMOA, the spirited horse who competed on June 6th, finishing a mere 1.75 lengths behind the winner. Unfazed by the result, our insightful trainer promptly ran SAMOA into another race on June 13th, retaining the services of the skilled jockey Gavin Lerena, but opting for a slightly shorter distance of 200 meters.

An astute analysis of the form would have revealed several indicators pointing in the right direction, affirming the trainer’s strategic decision.

Now, let’s unveil the trick behind this training technique, Hack #1, which can significantly enhance your horse racing insights. The key lies in identifying horses that are running for a second time within a span of seven days since their last race, with an essential criterion being their strong performance in the initial race.
SAMOA won easily @ 3/1 while 9/2 was available to early form readers

When applying this hack, pay close attention to horses that have already showcased their potential and ability in their previous race. Look for those that either secured a commendable placement or displayed a notable performance, even if they didn’t clinch the top spot. These horses have demonstrated their competitive edge and potential, setting the stage for a remarkable follow-up performance within a short timeframe.

By focusing on these horses, you are strategically targeting individuals that have had recent racing experience, allowing you to capitalize on their acquired fitness and fine-tuned skills. This gives them a competitive advantage, as they are still bursting with energy and carry the momentum from their previous race.

When exploring the form guide or consulting reliable sources, keep an eye out for horses meeting the criteria of running for the second time within seven days, while also exhibiting a strong performance in their initial race, they will normally run second or third within a few lengths of the winner. This combination serves as a powerful indicator of their potential success in the upcoming race.

By leveraging this hack and honing your ability to identify horses that meet these criteria, you’ll be well-equipped to uncover hidden gems and seize lucrative opportunities in the world of horse racing.

So, remember to analyze the recent form and racing history of these horses, examining their performances within the seven-day timeframe. With a discerning eye and the knowledge gained from Hack #1, you’ll be well on your way to making informed decisions and enjoying the thrill of witnessing exceptional racing feats.

Here is the hack on FORMGRIDS which can be found on the RACECARDS header
Note the “7” under the Days since the last race and the “Previous Races where it shows the position of last run. This is what you look for

Click Here for the race card as shown in the COMPUTAFORM

This can be downloaded free of charge here. There is no need to register


Here are some other 7-day placed runners in June

SAMOA won 3/1 video https://youtu.be/2o1isQinDsA
OVER TWO YOU won 15/2
KING RAHUL 2nd 4/1
RAGSSA 2nd 20/1
3 other losers






These horses are ones that I have previously noted that should be used as selections if they comply with my Check List

Next Watchlist will be for Fairview on Friday, none qualify for Greyville on 21st June

  1. Ensure that the horses in the watchlist made progress during the final 200m of their last run, or they were near the front at the 200m mark if today’s race distance is shorter.
  2. Verify that the horses are not participating in a class that is too challenging for them.
  3. Make sure the distance of today’s race is either equal to or not more than 200m shorter than their previous race.
  4. Look for significant betting support, indicating a good chance of success.

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In our forthcoming HACK #2, I’ll share with you the optimal structures that I utilize for my Watchlist picks.

I appreciate your support immensely.

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