What is our Watchlist?

Our “Watchlist” is exactly what it sounds like – it’s a list of horses that have really caught my eye after watching their previous races. These horses take center stage when it’s time for them to race again. This list is designed with the seasoned bettor in mind – those of you who can tell a top-tier race from a sprint and everything in between.

From time to time, the Watchlist might feature a horse that seems like it’s entered the wrong race, or is running a distance that isn’t exactly its strong suit. But hey, that’s where your judgment comes in! As our subscribers, it’s up to you to assess each horse’s potential on the Watchlist.

On those exciting occasions where multiple horses from the Watchlist are in the same race, things can get really interesting. These are prime opportunities for exotic wagers and in-race bets like exactas and more. Just between you and me, I’ve got a soft spot for exactas when two or more horses from the Watchlist are in the same race.

Keep in mind though, even if the chosen horses often deliver a good return when backed for a straight win, it’s always a smart move to do a little extra homework. So, do scrutinize each pick. I hope this info gives you a winning edge in your horse racing adventures. Happy betting!