Pick Six Genie

The Pick-Six Genie is the piece of software which I have personally used to win more money than any other of my Genies. I usually like to put six horses in each leg of the Pick Six but the cost of a full perm even on 10% would be 6x6x6x6x6x6 = R4,665.60 obviously an unacceptable amount to invest.

Pick6 Genie

However, I often find the winner of four of those races in my first two selections, and with the pick six Genie I’m able to construct my bet, so that I will win. When I manage to find four winners from my first two choices and the remaining winners from the other four selections, I have won 10% of the dividend and have saved over R4192 on my outlay The cost of my perm would only be R473.60

Buy Online: R5000

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